What’s the best route to take from UK to La Bourgonniere?

If you are travelling with young children or you just fancy less time in the car you may decide to travel with Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth to Le Harve or Caen. Caen being the closest port to La Bourgonniere just over 1.5 hrs drive. The overnight ferries often being a favourite, you can book an overnight cabin (also a decent bar on the ferry for those who fancy a few beers to get the holiday started) and arrive well rested with only 1.5 hours drive or so until you get to La Bourgonniere. Usually these ferries dock at around 6.30am/7.00am.

Discount on travel with Brittany Ferries:

If you want to book the Portsmouth to Le Harve or Caen routes we have a discount code (which is part of our Brittany Ferries Club Voyage):


  1. click ‘YES’ under the section are you a Club Voyage Member (optional)
  2. click ‘a guest of the member’
  3. Insert Club Voyage Membership Number which is F00FN4

You can use this number on any trip with Brittany Ferries to receive a 10% discount.


Dover to Calais: You can take the most popular route from Dover to Calais. La Bourgonniere is about 4.5 hours from Calais. This is usually the cheapest ferry option.

Can I fly which airport is closest?

Dinard Airport is closest airport to La Bourgonniere just over 1.5 hrs drive. You can also hire a car from one of the many car hire companies at the airport.


Euro Tunnel link: