House Rules

Dear Guests,

We really want you to enjoy your holiday but we have a few rules which are important, would you be so kind as to please read them very carefully. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday….enjoy!

Thank you & have a fantastic time.

Tight lines,

Adrian & Beatrice Pitt Owners, La Bourgonniere

Inside House

  • No Smoking in the house.
  • No nappies or sanitary towels to be flushed down toilet – we’re on a septic system so flushing these items could damage the system & ruin your holiday.
  • No outside boots to be worn in house.
  • No pets (in the house or on the grounds).
  • All washing up to be put away before you leave (use the dishwasher).
  • Fridge and Freezer to be cleared/emptied before departure.
  • All rubbish is to be cleared, it is your responsibility to ensure property is cleared of rubbish (the recycle bins are only a few hundred meters up the road).

Outside House

  • No chemicals or alike to be poured down outside drains (all outdoor drains lead into lake) – please flush down toilet only.
  • Respect the neighbours (no loud music etc.) – we’re lucky that we have lovely neighbours, let’s keep it that way.
  • No littering, (e.g. cigarettes, wrappers and includes food & other biodegradables).
  • Please shower before using the Jacuzzi and always replace Jacuzzi lid when not in use.
  • Please DO NOT bivvy up on the grass in front of the house.

PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT wear sun cream in the Jacuzzi (shower first), although we thoroughly clean the Jacuzzi every week it will discolour the water and make the water smell, we will only change the water once per week. If the filters are clogged with sun cream we will charge €150 excess for deep clean!

Please note: If you require any further details on the above the bailiff will be happy to help when he meets you on arrival.